• More consistent fertilizer
  • Breaks down solids to save on agitation costs
  • Less flies and crusting
  • Reduces odor
  • Reduces toxic gases
  • Maximizes pit capacity with less solids
  • Easy to apply while being safe for personnel and livestock


A Beef Confinement Owner Contacted Accelerant 774 to Solve a Big Problem.

The photos below were taken at an Accelerant 774 customer’s beef confinement building.  All custom manure pumpers complain that beef confinement barns are the hardest and most time consuming jobs they do.  This grower came to us with this issue and agreed to do a side by side comparison in his barn.  This particular barn only gets pumped once a year and is always incredibly thick. Thanks to this barn having several separate pits Accelerant Additives was able to do a side by side comparison using its Accelerant 774 manure pit additive.

The custom manure pumper has even complained of gallons per minute being cut in half when the pit is half empty.  This barn was treated in the spring of the year with pumping taking place in the late fall to early winter.

The left photo was taken in a pit that was NOT treated. Notice the large solids to the top right of the photo around the pillar. This is after agitation.  Once the pit was half full the pressure started to come up and manure began to get much thicker.  When the pit was empty, the corners still had some solid buildup and remaining manure was very thick.

The photo on the right was taken in a pit that was treated with Accelerant 774. It had little to no solids floating on top with equal agitation.  The pressure stayed constant in the line and gallons per minute were very consistent from start to finish.  Once the pit was empty the remaining liquid was still watery and flowable.  The corners of this pit were clean and the barn should have maximum capacity for the cattle grower.


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