Why use Accelerant?

The Ultimate In Pit Bacteria Maintenance

Accelerant 774 utilizes the powerful waste digesting abilities of a special blend of bacteria and natural enzymes. These strains of bacteria are cultured for their ability to digest organic waste: quickly, efficiently and without odors! Accelerant 774 is an excellent product for confinement beef, dairy and swine barns in liquefying the solids without large additional inputs of water.

Accelerant 774 is a supplement for pits or lagoons. It corrects top crusting, bottom solids, bridging and channeling and is an excellent solution for feed spills. Thick, crusted manure flows easily while reducing stress on the livestock as well as wear on agitation and pumping equipment.

How Accelerant 774 Benefits Manure Pumpers

  • Reduction of solids results in less down time and more gallons per minute!
  • Less manure left in the pit equals more storage capacity
  • Easier mixing with less agitation
  • Saves on fuel consumption
  • No more pressure spiking or blown hoses caused by thick manure
  • Less wear on pump and agitators
  • More consistent fertilizer throughout the fields
  • Less risk of fatalities due to toxic fumes